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Teknoleather offers a wide range of products for tanning, in particular for the wet division (dyes, natural or synthetic greases, waterproofing, etc.) with the aim of offering customers innovative solutions, which are as environmentally friendly as possible and which comply with all regulations imposed, while maintaining a very high level of performance of the finished product.

The right choice of products and combinations is essential to obtain the desired leather characteristics. Teknoleather guarantees the best quality available and the use of the latest and most effective production technologies. Resins, synthetic and vegetable products with different chemical and technical properties, enzyme agents, deliming or retanning agents, ensure enhanced quality leather with fullness and softness. Trailblazer solutions are developed for all stages of leather processing from rawhides to wet-blue up to the finished product) and for all divisions (accessories, automotive, upholstery

We live up to our quality responsibilities with strict tests. Teknoleather consistently guarantees high quality standards at all times and in all parts of the world. Every stage of the work is fully tested, our processes, methods and machinery are state-of-the-art and our staff are highly qualified

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