All round sustainability

Sustainability for us is a fundamental concept that not only applies to our daily business through the development of low environmental footprint products and processes with reduced energy and water requirements, but also influences and guides our approach to the surroundings. Starting with our technical staff, creating a sustainable operating environment is the cornerstone of our existence in this field. After all, it is their health and well-being that start with a safe working environment. Our commitment goes beyond the company’s borders through two projects of social and environmental sustainability that we carry out with passion and conviction

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting sport

Teknoleather seeks to support the growth and development of the community and young people through a program of support for sports, especially hockey and football, with the ability to spread and teach the values on which the company is based namely loyalty and the importance of teamwork

Corporate Social Responsibility

Running for Rangers

Another project concerns the environment. Five days of trail under the scorching sun of Africa, surrounded by fabulous and uncontaminated landscapes, herds of zebras, elephants, rhinos. An idyllic setting that, unfortunately, is endangered every day by the poachers of the savannah, who mercilessly hunt these wonderful animals to get ivory to sell at a very high price.
The aim of the project is precisely to finance the corps of Kenyan rangers who are a group of highly trained private guards taking care of the protection of the local fauna. They especially aim at safeguarding elephants and rhinos from poachers.

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