Our R&D lab

The beating heart of Teknoleather, our R&D laboratory enables us to study innovative, high-tech, high-performance recipes and solutions for our customers, developed with a view to sustainability. For us, this translates into reduced environmental impact and optimised consumption.

Customised solutions

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality leather that meets all market requirements.From accessories to fashion, from footwear to upholstery and automotive, thanks to the work of our in-house laboratory, we can offer all the assistance necessary to prepare special tanning recipes or to create customised products.

Looking after our customers

We work quickly and competently to meet every need in the shortest possible time, ensuring maximum stability and product yield. We proactively listen to our customers’ objectives. This leads us to work together to find the right solutions for them to improve productivity, increase profitability and ensure safety, compliance and sustainability.

Guarantees certifying the reliability and high quality of our work


Siding with the people and the environment for a careful and state of the art service

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