Founded in 2013, Teknoleather is an innovative, modern and flexible company, capable of adapting to the complex needs of the market and is at the cutting edge of customer care and attention to detail.

Our Mission

We offer technologically advanced solutions built around our customers’ needs, ensuring the best quality available on the market, our expertise, availability and commitment to continuous improvement.


In listening to and satisfying the special needs of our customers


In producing our own lines and developing new products quickly


In putting our expertise and that of reliable and well-established partners to use


In ensuring constant quality supplies over time

Our values

We believe in the value of human capital as a decisive factor in the success of the company, we work responsibly, sustainably and transparently, constantly striving to improve not only our products and processes but also ourselves.


People are the core of our organisation and our most valuable resource ensuring the growth and development for Teknoleather. For this reason, safeguarding their health and safety is our priority.


We strive every day to reduce our environmental impact by focusing on product improvement, energy efficiency, responsible water and waste management.


We act in good faith with loyalty, respect and transparency, towards employees, suppliers, customers, organisations and institutions. This is a fundamental principle for us.


For us working as a team inside and outside the company means supporting the growth and development of the community and young people who are the recipients of resolute initiatives and projects we carry out.

Our Research and Development Lab

Our staff work quickly and competently to meet every need in the shortest possible time, ensuring maximum stability and product yield.
Siding with the people and the environment for a careful and state of the art service

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